Getting ready for the Counter Culture exhibition!


The Counter Culture team are currently working hard on preparing for the exhibition of John Watson’s images which will take place at the Lighthouse in Wolverhampton from 2nd-13th June. At this time, we will also be launching the DVD of the performance which took place at the Arena Theatre in April, and the commemorative book. All very exciting!


Counter Culture performances a huge success!


Well done to all the students from Penn Hall School and West Park Primary School for their talent, energy and commitment in creating and performing Counter Culture at the Arena Theatre this last weekend. We thank you! And thanks also to the teachers, artists, technicians and theatre staff for their dedication and skill. More photographs will be posted  here soon, and then we can all look forward to the exhibition of John Watson’s photographs from the project at the Lighthouse in Wolverhampton, from June 2nd – 13th. Keep checking this blog for updates!

Counter Culture performances at the Arena Theatre almost sold out!



Pupils at West Park Primary School and Penn Hall School will be performing at the Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd March.  They have been working with professional artists since last autumn on creating this wonderful performance about our exchanges over counters and how they reflect and shape our society.

The remaining few tickets are available from the Arena Box Office on 01902 321321.

The performance is being filmed, so for those who miss the live experience, there will be a chance to see the performance at a later date.

Creating the Counter Culture performance


In February, pupils from West Park went to Penn Hall School to work with the artists on creating the performance based on the interviews they carried out with sixty-five members of the public.

Here are some images to give you an idea of how the day went.







Catch up with the creative team working on Counter Culture

Students at Penn Hall School and West Park Primary School are working hard on creating their performance which will take place at the Arena Theatre on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd March.

The project leader, Lisa Harrison, has been co-ordinating all of the activity on this project and making sure that the children are having plenty of opportunity to create the performance.


Andrew Purvin is working with Lisa on directing, and sharing his amazing skills on set design and puppetry, as well as some acting.


Mary Keith is one of our music specialists.


Our University of Wolverhampton drama students, Charlotte Hazlehurst and Jessica Sullivan, are doing great work supporting the project and using the experience for their studies.


Our other team members are Heather Wastie and Alison Vermee. Our photographer is John Watson.

Tickets now on sale for Counter Culture performance at Arena Theatre


Counter Culture   Friday 21st March at 7.00 p.m. & Saturday 22nd March at 2.00 p.m.

All tickets £1

On March 21st and 22nd, the children of Penn Hall School and West Park Primary School, who have been participating in this project since last October, will unveil the performance they have created, based on their oral history gathering. 

Working with professional artists Lisa Harrison, Andrew Purvin, Mary Keith and Heather Wastie, over a number of weeks, the children have created their own interpretation of the stories they have gathered. These will be presented in a promenade-style theatre performance, utilising the Arena Theatre’s performance and public spaces.

We invite you to come and share this experience with the children and the project leaders, and to enjoy a host of personal stories brought to life.

To book, call 01902 321321, or book opn-line at

Our creative day altogether at the Arena Theatre

counter-culture-jan9-arena-032 (2) (1)

Heather Wastie creating songs with  pupils of West Park Primary School


West Park and Penn Hall Schools work together on mask and puppet work


It was a great day!

On Thursday 9th January, all of the participating pupils from Penn Hall School and West Park Primary School came to the Arena Theatre to work with project leader Lisa Harrison; theatre-maker Andrew Purvin, and creative artists Mary Keith and Heather Wastie. We all had a great day of working with masks and puppets, creating and performing songs, creating drama and working with sound. The pupils all worked really hard together on developing ideas, and are now prepared to  start creating the performance itself. There will be three performances of the final piece of theatre – on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd March. We hope that you will come and see the result of all the work we have done so far. To book your tickets, please call 01902 321321, or book on-line at