West Park School visit Wolverhampton City Archives




IMG_1328 IMG_1329 IMG_1337 IMG_1339 IMG_1340

Adrian Clamp at the City Archives gave the West Park pupils a fascinating introduction to the work of the Archive. We all studied old maps of the city, and looked at street names that remind us of the city’s historical role as a thriving centre for trading and markets, especially in wool and textiles: Farmer’s Fold, Woolpack Alley, Bennett’s Fold, and others. Adrian showed us archive photographs of old counters and we compared them with more  modern shops and services. It was interesting to see what the people behind the counters, and in the markets, wore, and how formal and serious they looked.

Find our more about the City Archives here  http://www.wolverhamptonart.org.uk/about-wolverhampton-archives/



2 Comments on “West Park School visit Wolverhampton City Archives”

  1. Simrit says:

    Oh I am writing so many comments because it is so fun I loved the visit…what would it be like to LIVE in the archives?Totally interesting I would say :o)

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