Arena Theatre and Project Leader Lisa Harrison launch Counter Culture

Alison Vermee, Arena Theatre Development Officer, and Lisa Harrison, Project Leader, at the Bargaining Stone, St. Peter's Collegiate Church.

Alison Vermee, Arena Theatre Development Officer, and Lisa Harrison, Project Leader, at the Bargain Stone, St. Peter’s Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton.This is an appropriate place to launch this project as the stone was used to seal deals in the livestock and agricultural markets of the city. It is thought to be about 1000 years old.


29 Comments on “Arena Theatre and Project Leader Lisa Harrison launch Counter Culture”

  1. lailla says:

    hello lisa, and i am enjoying this project very much so far……
    from lailla

    • arena729 says:

      Hello Lailla. I am also really enjoying the project! Thank you for being the first one to post a comment on this blog.I am looking forward to our next outing to the Markets this week.

  2. Mrs Ratcliffe says:

    Well done Lailla. I’m glad you are enjoying our project. So am I! Mrs Ratcliffe.

  3. amrinder says:

    Hello, this Amrinder and I was looking forward to this project. lisa I just wanted to say you are making a good effort to make this project interesting. thank every on for doing this project with us THANK YOU so much.

  4. amrinder says:

    lisa I wanted to say I am looking forward to go to the market. when my mom found out that I was going to do a project. she was so happy. because she wants to find out what I do and what I learn in the project.

  5. zeena says:

    hello Lisa i am so glad i am enjoy it. like Amrinder.

  6. Mrs Ratcliffe says:

    You’re doing a great job Year 5. I am proud of you. Enjoy the holidays.

  7. Simrit says:

    Thanks a bunch Lisa for amazing Project I am enjoying a lot! 😉

  8. Simrit says:

    Just wanted to say I can’t wait for today
    thank you Lisa! 😀

  9. Simrit says:

    How much Longer until march?
    Well atually I am really nervous ;p

  10. Alan Marriott says:

    Keep up the good work, Lisa (Alan, The Howling Wolves connection)

  11. Simrit says:

    I right a lot but what to do before March
    After that it’ll all be over!

  12. Simrit says:

    *SCREAMS* sorry but when I at the pictures that we’re took I have so many memories,there just so HEARTWARMING *smiles* 😀 the feelings are crawling up on me!
    we’ll have a good afternoon 🙂

  13. amrinder says:

    🙂 hello I am telling you I am so scared to do the performance I don’t want to perfume in front of the stage or the place. mrs ratcliffe what are you doing because if your not doing any thing that is not fair.

    • Simrit says:

      Don’t worry Mrs Ratcliffe has a big part in the scene that I am doing 😀
      + she also has plenty of lines so she won’t miss out 😉
      Oh and I also am nervous and feel so responsible for my part,remember this is more than a class assembly because we are performing In front of MORE people and we are also expected do well…I couldn’t believe people started booking to see it so early!
      I ❤ this so much

  14. amrinder says:

    simrit lisa is a jumping kangaroo d)

    • Simrit says:

      She just likes to be happy and positive and so do we,I know that my scene is a bit sad but other scenes don’t have to be ( um duh! Because they aren’t)
      ❤ Simrit ❤

  15. Amanpreet says:

    Hello Lisa, I’ am really enjoying this project I don’t want it to end ;( You are putting a good effort Love Amanpreet ❤
    PS.All of the ARENA member Thank you so much for supporting 🙂

  16. Amanpreet says:

    It all comes to an end BUT I keep watching the scenes on YouTube 😀

  17. amrinder says:

    i watched you on youtube doing the cup song…

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